Chatbots & AI

Grow Faster by Automating Business Conversations

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered services are here to transform business practices in India and World. Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have taken Chatbots to new heights.

Neebal Technologies is a pioneer when it comes to Chatbots Development, that use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Intelligent Chatbots Are the Future

Be Omnipresent

Chatbots can be deployed on any messaging channel. Be it Slack for your internal communication or Facebook Messenger to talk to users on social media – Our chatbots can live anywhere and everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing is the main element used to help identify the intention of each message and determine the best possible response provided by Chatbot.

Machine Learning

Our Chatbots gets better every day, which means they have learning capabilities that reinforce correct responses and repair inaccurate responses, over the period of time

Be Available 24/7

No more Fixed office hours, weekends, or bank holidays. Your bots will be available to your customers at all times 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Streamline Your Processes

Bots are extremely smart and they do what they are told with utmost precision. Chatbots are a new age Interactive Voice Response assistants, with a human touch.

Scalability without the Costs

Chatbots are created to handle a lot of users simultaneously. And they can easily scale to meet your growing business needs at the fraction of cost.

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