Cloud Migration Made Easy

Cloud migration strategy that leads to Your Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Managing a data center has always been a Tedious task. And to add to the worry of the IT Managers, diminishing IT departments, nearly exhausted budgets, advances in IT hardware, and outsourcing of server workloads to the cloud, your job has gotten a lot more complex. And with complexity comes all sorts of challenges that IT and data center managers must resolve quickly and cost-effectively.

The Solution

Neebal Technologies is engaged in the execution of a phased migration approach to cloud. The benefits of moving to the cloud-based infrastructure have been most noticeable in the speed at which products and services are now delivered, although productivity savings are also significant. Migration solutions with a high level of automation will minimize planned downtime—but avoiding manual operations is also an important factor in minimizing unplanned downtime and avoiding business disruption.

Our Approach

Neebal recognized that standardization and automation would be key to delivering what the customer needed—a flexible, agile infrastructure and delivery mechanism that would reduce costs, react swiftly to fluctuations in business and capacity demand and significantly improve its ability to deliver products and services quickly. Given the client’s fundamental requirements around time-to-market, security and global delivery, a migration path based on AWS cloud-based infrastructure were chosen to support the infrastructure transformation project.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Private Cloud

Neebal offers design, implementation and Support services for Microsoft, VMWare, and Open-stack based Private Cloud.

Public Cloud

Neebal is a partner with leading Public Cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to its customers. We provide end to end design & Migration services from on-premise to Public Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

With its resource pool having experience in Private and public cloud technologies, Neebal offers design, implementation and support services for Hybrid cloud.

On-Premise Cloud

Major benefits of Public Clouds are Availability, reliability, scale-ability, pay-as-you-go model, fully managed service.

With our prime focus on uncovering opportunities that cloud migration brings to your organization. Neebal has a unique proposition when it comes to offering Cloud Migration Services to its customers. We have highly skilled employees to offer our customers the best of class Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud Services.

Our Cloud Migration Strategy and Services help you to identify your organization’s current challenges and adoption barriers and the business case development to leap forward. We do this across four capabilities: business model disruption, cloud strategy & business case development, readiness assessment & preparation, and cloud-native process and organization.

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