A mobile-first strategy is used to take Enterprise IAM Solutions technology to a larger market to effectively take the stack to the users rather than the users coming on to the stack. The solution has the capability to provide real-time cryptographic digital transaction signing at massive scale. Enterprise IAM Solutions help to manage your digital identity, protect the privacy and secure all your digital interactions. It is based on a next-generation decentralized cryptographic digital identity technology.

A Secured Identity For Everyone

IAM Solutions enable Enterprises and Individuals to take control and protect their identity

I-AM Crypto-ID which is provisioned and managed by the secure cloud based I-AM Platform.

I-AM App also provides multiple cryptographic services like multi-factor crypto-based authentication, encryption, multi-party electronic signature, signcryption and data integrity.


IAM Solutions Taking Security to the Next Level




Building Secure Identity Access Management solutions that give financial institutes the freedom to innovate.



Advanced Anti counterfeit Identity Access Management Solutions that optimize business intelligence via the application of Cryptographic Identity Authentication.
E governance

E Governance


Secure IAM Solutions to support governments in providing better services to the Citizens.



Military grade Identity Access Management solutions to improve homeland security.

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