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Factory Performance Management | Business Analytics | Enterprise Application Integration | Hybrid app development


Unobtrusive and non-repetitive logging of productivity of the workers in the plants.
Understanding the weekly status of the health of the machinery of the plant.
Digitisation of all paperwork.
Managing sprint-wise feedback while delivering new modules.


Factory Performance Management – A one-stop application that simplifies the data collection process.
Smart productivity log: A survey-based questionnaire enables the stakeholders to log their productivity and health of the machines.
Snapshot of managers: Intuitive graphical reports provide an overview of operations and productivity across all units.

The Methodology

Problem definition

Problem definition

Neebal assembled a team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed in implementing factory performance management.

Testing the focus group

Designing the prototype

The technology team created a single application on two platforms – Android and iOS that helped log work as well as view reports. It was a one-stop application to log weekly health of machinery and view reports for the same.

Integrating User Experience

Integrating User Experience

Intuitive UI was created to drive users to answer the huge question set across the week by enabling offline handling of data. MTD data was plotted for KPI metrics in graphs with multiple plots, thus giving the user a snapshot view of the past trends.

Customising the solution

Customizing the solution

Unique assignment of weightages was embedded by uploading division-specific weightages for areas, sub-areas, and questions. Every unit was given its own leader-board to access the weekly status.

The Result

Faster Actions

Due to Factory Performance Management managers acquired real-time data on the health of the machinery at factories in different divisions which helped them take timely action.

Targeted Improvement

Productivity logging gave an insight on which areas required to be focussed on for improvement.

Identification of top performers

Leaderboards helped managers to award the top 3 General Managers and create healthy competition amongst different units.


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