Neebal Technologies specialises in third generation platform components including Collaboration Workflows, Enterprise Mobile Development, Business Analytics and Big Data. Our main USP is the strong academic foundation of our engineers and the robustness of our technology build processes.

Our expertise spans across web, mobile and infrastructure technologies. We embrace concepts of design thinking and build solutions centered around the end user and their environmental conditions. We look at ourselves as problem solvers not re-sellers of a specific technology, we look at ourselves as engineers – this helps us remain open minded and focus on the problem before devising solutions.

Before engaging with any customer we assess the current enterprise technology landscape and provide the most cost-effective, incremental and future compatible solution. We embrace Agile methods due to which we are able to ensure that our clients are poised to respond to market conditions.


Main verticals where we have delivered majority of our projects


Our services are spread across Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing. This mainly includes product identification, speed to market, strategic technology adoption, mobility, Systems Integration and Analytics