Cloud Engineering


According to a study by Mordor Intelligence, the cloud engineering services market was valued at USD 119.13 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 448.34 billion by 2026.

Pain Points

Increased cost: Added costs of operating multiple data centres with minimum security.

Time-consuming: Delay in deploying apps due to the absence of a centralized platform for data storage.

No data backup: Financial strain on the company due to data loss in case of equipment failure or manual error.

Neebal’s Expertise

Neebal’s Cloud Engineering Services provide standardisation and automation to deliver a flexible and agile infrastructure. Our delivery mechanisms reduce costs, respond swiftly to fluctuations, significantly improve the ability to provide a swift transition transforming possibilities into reality.


Multi-tenant: As a multi-tenant service, cloud migration provides you better data center consolidation.

Easy resource-sharing: With seamless consumer experience, operational efficiency and consolidation become easy as resources can be shared across storage and networking.

Orchestration: Orchestration provides the ability for end-users to manage cloud deployments and react to constantly changing requirements and demands.


Reduced operational cost footprint: Reduce potential data centres needed in your organisation, helping to save on the costs of operating multiple data centres and operating more securely.

Faster deployment: Migrating to the cloud helps you to deploy your apps and services faster.

Enhanced security: Keep unwanted traffic outside a specific scope from accessing the machines on which your data and apps reside. Automatic security updates are applied to the systems for the latest security threats.

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