DevOps as a Service


Neebal’s DevOps services enable organisations to embrace an agile business delivery strategy. Our services are developed on the foundation of Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud infrastructure and enable you to synchronise development and operations, and integrate DevOps tools to work with outdated systems.

Pain Points

Error-prone: Manual deployment for complicated tasks results in human-induced errors.

Lack of automation: No automated testing and validation suite in place results in dependency on developers for testing.

Time-consuming: Due to the complete dependency on developers and manual errors, the processes become time-consuming.

Neebal’s Expertise

Neebal transforms possibilities into reality by providing strategic roadmaps, maturity and security assessments, process automation, cost-optimisation blueprints, collaborative structure implementation, advanced tool deployment, AI-ML integration and much more.


Continuous development: The DevOps practice spans the planning and coding phases of the DevOps lifecycle.

Continuous testing: Incorporate automated, prescheduled, continued code tests while application code is being written or updated.

Continuous integration (CI): Bring configuration management (CM) tools together with other test and development tools to track codes for production. It involves rapid feedback between testing and development to quickly identify and resolve code issues.

Continuous delivery: To automate the delivery of code changes after testing a pre-production or staging environment.


Faster delivery time: With the help of automation, continuous delivery, and a quick feedback cycle, you can implement DevOps in minutes.

Improved business continuity: In case of failure, everything can be recovered in a single click. Reduced quality failures: Get better code quality and reduce failures due to automated testing.

Reduced quality failures: Get better code quality and reduce failures due to automated testing.

Significantly reduced risk: With the help of Blue-Green Deployment, mitigate the risk of failures.

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