Farmer Engagement Platform


Having a strong presence in agri-tech, Neebal has always been aware of the adversities faced by agrochemical companies and farmers. Our doctor’s attitude enabled us to build a platform that helps farmers get insights into crop management and other relevant information such as weather, mandi details, and ongoing crop rates from government sites.

Pain Points

Customer connect: Agrochemical companies find it extremely difficult to establish customer loyalty for pesticides/insecticides. They are always on the lookout for services that will improve customer satisfaction and stickiness.

Soil/ farm productivity: Farmers were unaware what specific areas of their farms are less productive as compared to others.They were also unaware of best practices and fertiliser/ pesticide usage guidelines.

Solution Details

Neebal built a platform that digitised farmer engagement to provide insecticide/pesticide spraying and other auxiliary services. Neebal’s Farmer Engagement Platform platform helps farmers know about the health of their farm and its yield over a specified period by incorporating NDVI technology. It is a farmer-friendly mobility platform that allows farmers to understand which part of their farm is low yielding to focus their efforts on improving it and turning possibilities into reality.


Advocacy: The platform helps farmers by providing insights on crop management and best practices from sowing to harvest.

Critical information: it provides relevant information such as weather, mandi details, and necessary pesticides.

Host integration: It is integrated with government services like mandi and weather to provide ongoing rates, weather forecast and crop health details.

Real-time insights: Agrochemical companies are able to curate real-time notifications based on farmer profiles.


Improved customer loyalty: By providing auxiliary services to those customers (farmers) buying their products, companies can now establish customer loyalty.

Enhanced customer engagement: Companies can establish a deeper connect with customers by providing them best practices of crops and the relevant products, to further increase stickiness.

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