Neebal's Farmer Engagement platform provides farmers with critical crop and government services related insights, profile-based real-time crop management and price notifications.

About the client:

The client is one of the world's top five (and India's largest) agro-chemical producers offering a wide range of products and has developed more than 100 insecticides, fumigants, rodenticides, fungicides PGR and herbicides.



  • Manual data management: 80 territory managers collated data manually on excel sheets and sent to corporate headquarters on a monthly and seasonal basis.
  • Delayed decisions: Data collation, cleansing and analysis resulted in a process overhead and delayed decision making.


  • Intelligent portal: Neebal Technologies built a self-service market analysis portal with an excel sheet like input interface and BI capability.
  • Simplified usage: Lesser tech savvy users could easily input data straight into the tool.
  • Data management: Real time analysis for decision makers.


  • Complete automation: The automation resulted in elimination of 100% of dependency on manual data analysis using Excel.
  • Faster data management: Data analysis in real-time leading to 95% reduction in time spent on accumulating data from the entire country.
  • Real time insights: Business got an accurate view of market share and size in real time for continuous strategic alignment.