Khaad Dealer


Neebal developed Khaad Dealer, an extension of Subsidex. It is available in web and app versions that enables farmers, retailers, and distributors to check the quantity of fertilisers and pesticides sold in surrounding regions. It also helps retailers and distributors possess a check on their stock and assists with overall revenue generation, thus transforming possibilities into reality.

Pain Points

Lack of demand visibility: Dealers depend on transaction history for forecasting demand. Lack of transparency across the supply chain also hampers their forecasting abilities.

Unpredictable changes in government regulations: T

Real-time stock information: They rely on legacy software for stock updates and do not have them at a moment’s notice.

Poor customer engagement: Inability to connect with customers and provide them useful information leads to poor customer loyalty.

Solution Details

The Khaad Dealer application enables fertilizer dealers to accurately forecast demand and stock relevant information. It also enables them to know how their branches are performing in terms of stock and sales. The app provides an interface that enables dealers to know where they stand in their region in terms of sales. It also helps them establish better customer connect by enabling them to provide useful tips to farmers. The app also has certain paid features that enables dealers to receive leads from farmers looking for particular products in their vicinity.


Stock updates: A reliable source to get the stock & sales details even in the absence of their PoS machines.

Intelligent notifications: Automated reorder reminders for reordering products and liquidating long-standing aged inventory to maintain healthy cash flow.

Selective access: Ability to provide access to employees, add farmers for lead generation and product information dissemination.

Farmer Connect: Channel for providing product recommendations with farmers via SMS/Whatsapp.


Quick acknowledgements: Increase the pace of acknowledgements and liquidation substantially with process efficiency.

Demand forecast: Analyse the products demand to know what farmers are buying in local markets.

Smart analytics: Get competitive analysis, stock reorder alert & secondary sales data.

Automated notifications: Receive automated acknowledgement reminders and notifications.

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