Neebal's mobile app development expertise enables a leading Fintech startup to overcome technology adoption issues and simplifies go to market.

About the client:

A leading Indian FinTech startup was facing difficulties in technology adoption and identity management which was impacting its go to market strategy.



  • Adoption issues:Scaling and multiple-vertical adoption difficulties of a promising crypto stack developed by the in-house team.
  • Managing Change: Replacement of a number of workflows related to PKI technology with this crypto-stack.
  • Identity management: Lack of management of various identities.
  • Realising true potential: Unlocking the multiple usage possibilities of the crypto stack.


Neebal implemented a mobile-first strategy was used to take this technology to a larger market and effectively take the stack to the users rather than the users coming on to the stack.



  • Simplified integration: Reduce long working hours needed to scout and scrape through all the necessary websites.
  • Multiple use cases: 53 workflows of a bank, related to Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), were augmented with the platform.
  • Faster GTM: Go to market for new MFA based workflows was reduced to less than 2 weeks.