Subsidex is an AI-powered platform that enables companies to perform daily activities related to government subsidy management with 100% efficiency and accuracy

Subsidex (2)-1

Subsidex automatically consolidates data from direct benefit transfer DBT government portals for generating reports and measuring performance against company KPIs. Subsidex also provides data access to field force users to perform daily activities with distributors, retailers, and farmers.



Subsidex has an automated login process that uses credentials on the iFMS (Integrated Fertilizer Management System) on the DBT portal and schedules daily, weekly, and monthly report downloads.

Subsidex integrates with ERP systems to merge data with company masters, generates customizable reports, and has a KPI driven analytics dashboard.

Subsidex also triggers instant SMS alert to retailers about their dormant stock and to drive pending acknowledgements and to the field force to drive faster acknowledgement and stock liquidation.


H2O Works

H2O Works

H2O Field Force Management System uses adaptive intelligence to improve workforce performance and increase sales revenue.

H2O Field Force Management System brings together your C Level, Sales Work Force, Line Managers, Area Business Managers, Inventory Levels, Distributors, Retailers, End Customers and all other actors in one world, allowing you to plan, meet, pitch, and sell intelligently.


H2O Field Force Management System derives its inspiration from water. Its ever-evolving architectural components are inspired by the twin properties of water: Fluidity and Clarity.


H2O Field Force Management System can take shape across any organization irrespective of its industry and can work across any device across any network.


H2O Field Force Management System provides you the details of what to pitch, when to sell, what prices to sell at, whom to sell to, when to approach the customer, and other such actionable items.



Neebal Blynk is an Offline First Mobile App Platform.

A completely home-brewed solution at Neebal which is being used in several projects across the verticals. It offers the convenience of seamless operations, unaffected by mobile connectivity leveraging the power of Offline first Mobile Apps.


Blynk was designed from the first-hand experiences of connectivity problems that vastly affect productivity. Its applications span the length and breadth of industries and applications.

Offline – Mobile Sync

An offline first mobile approach that allows data upload and downloads to build robust mobile applications, resilient to transient data connections over flaky mobile networks.

Domain Driven Design

We focus on developing the business-specific data models while using standard infrastructural components to hit the ground running faster with our Offline First Mobile app platform.