Sales Order Management (SOM)


Having considerable experience in the Agri-tech domain, Neebal was well aware of issues faced by agrochemical companies when it came to streamlining distributor orders. As a result, Neebal developed its primary SOM App to enable agrochemical organisations to register orders on behalf of distributors based on their credit limits.

Pain Points

Low field force productivity: More than 40% of the field force spent time on unproductive activities such as credit limit checking and stock availability rather than focusing on market development and sales activities.

Improper communication: Due to lack of a proper channel, orders were lost due to miscommunication.

Solutions Details

This SAP integrated system provides data points such as distributors, credit limit, products, stock availability, etc. SOM enables organisations to convert possibilities into reality by providing their Sales teams with complete visibility across all steps involved in the sales process along with a notification engine to stay on top of all updates.


Single integrated platform: We developed a complete integrated platform that plugs data from various systems to provide real-time order booking, credit limit checks and availability of goods to seamlessly manage the entire order to delivery cycle transparently.

Real-time stock update: The platform also provides real-time stock updates and enables field force to pitch accordingly.


Enhanced efficiency: The platform provides real-time information to the field force.

Improved productivity: A single platform for order booking, credit checking and stock availability enables the field force to focus on getting more orders and improved productivity.

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