Subsidex is a subsidy and working capital management product suite. It is a digital transformation enabler that drives hyperautomation for complying with regulation, digitises the value chain and creates decision support systems to help focus on growth.

Pain Points

Frequent changes in government policies: Changing government policies need additional information. Companies need to constantly refer to government websites to ensure compliance.

Lengthy subsidy claims process: The subsidy claims process is tedious and requires multiple departments to work in conjunction causing massive delays.

Lack of stock liquidation visibility: Companies often do not have real-time information on stock liquidity further delaying the subsidy claims process.

Solutions Details

Subsidex enables organisations to transform possibilities into reality by monitoring and analysing the movement of their materials from the factory to farmers, facilitating faster stock acknowledgements and liquidation while also simplifying the overall subsidy claims process.


Subsidex Platform: It is a decision support system created by the consolidation of the Big Data available on Government portals.

Subsidy Express: It enables quicker subsidy claims through faster acknowledgements.

Stock Liquidator: The platform’s proprietary algorithm identifies dealers hoarding stock and driving wholesaler and PoS liquidation.

Market Analyzer: It enables you to assess the quality of channel partners based on liquidation patterns, stocking behaviours, acknowledgement cycles, counter share in their micro-markets

FieldXpress: This is a mobility solution for Field Force and Territory Managers to streamline, manage and track daily activities


Quick acknowledgements: Increase the pace of acknowledgements and liquidation substantially with process efficiency.

Multilingual support: SMS support helps to expedite the processes further.

Administrative efficiency: Reduced administrative overheads with hyper-personalized solution baskets.

Intelligent Analytics: Insightful analytics to implement better business strategies.

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