Neebal’s API Integration services help an AgroChemical MNC interconnect systems and applications to enhance efficiency and improve user experience for data-driven apps.

About the client:

The client is a market leader in manufacturing agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and crop protection solutions with USD 1.5 billion in revenues.


  • Time consuming: Master data synchronization between ERP, CRM, and other allied applications was extremely time consuming.
  • Delayed process: Error processing and alerts were either delayed or not triggered.
  • Performance overload: The destination systems experienced severe loads due to unavailability of parallel processing.


  • Centralised platform: Enabled client to connect and control all third party data flows using a single platform for maximised productivity, business continuity and organisational efficiency.
  • Simplified process automation: Neebal’s system integration services improved the speed and consistency of automating business processes, thereby eliminating repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Faster implementation: With Neebal’s ‘plug and play’ feature of integration platform, the project was up and running in no time.


  • Enhanced efficiency: API integration enabled applications to automate manual tasks generating a smooth, effortless transition between linked applications.
  • Improved interoperability: APIs helped implement new applications, allowing a quick connection with third-party products/services whilst improving their development.
  • Faster development: APIs facilitated faster development to expand brand presence and improved go-to-market speed.