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Wastage of time in manually downloading 40+ reports from Govt. of India’s DBT portal where each report takes over 10 minutes to download
Consolidation of big data from these reports and deriving actionable insights
Very high TAT from download to making information available to sales and marketing team for action


Neebal developed a RPA solution which digitized the entire process from downloading the reports to providing actionable insights on these reports. The solution consisted of features like downloading of reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis and integration with BI tool to provide requested KPI’s to relevant stakeholders

The Methodology

Problem definition

Problem definition

Neebal assembled a team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed to implement RPA Solutions

Testing the focus group

Testing focus group

Based on the requirements and solutions discussed, mockups with single process flows were created. These mockups helped the client in visualising the RPA Solutions even before it was built. This helped those who were unaware of the workings of IT systems to give feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Designing the solution

Designing the solution

The solution architect created and introduced a configurable workflow based on defined rules and conditions. Field Force Automation workflow was scalable to meet the client’s ever-evolving business methods.

Application Launch

Application Launch

Post the client’s sign off on the workflow, the Field Force Automation process was launched and tested for effectiveness and efficiency at client sites with a pilot run in a supervised group of 100 participants.

The Result

Man Hours Saved

Saved over 12 man-hours/day of the MIS team in downloading and creating reports

Actionable Insights

Key information available to sales and marketing teams at the start of each day

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility on pending acknowledgements stopped the loss of subsidy

Stock Positions

Clear stock positions allows companies to optimize their movement of material


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