According to Gartner, RPA enriched by AI and ML becomes the core enabling technology of Hyperautomation. Combining RPA and AI technologies offers the power and flexibility to automate where automation was never possible before: undocumented processes that rely on unstructured data inputs.

Pain Points

Constant upgrades: The constant need to keep up with dynamic demands.

Intermittent delays: Outdated frameworks causing delays due to incompetence.

Compliance: The need to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

Inconsistent output: Inconsistency in the quality of output due to delays or human-induced error.

Neebal’s Expertise

Neebal brings out solutions that are unique and super effective such as a business problem definition document, high-level solution architecture, and the product roadmap document. The sounding board service in combination of Hyperautomation has assisted in systemizing product development for many conglomerates, improving their decision-making speed and effectiveness, thus saving millions in operational expenses.


Simplified automation: Process mining tools for identifying the right opportunity to leverage Hyperautomation.

RPA and workflows: RPA and workflow hyperautomation tools for reducing the effort and cost.

Integration: API integration to keep high-performing business data in sync to enhance productivity and drive revenue.

Capability extension: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools for extending the capabilities of Hyperautomation.


Improved efficiency: Automate processes and optimise workflows.

Reduced costs: Use digital technologies to reduce costs by replacing tasks requiring manual intervention.

Enhanced agility: Increase agility by providing quicker, richer insights for more accurate decision-making.

Improved credibility: Leveraging intelligence for minimizing errors.

Improved customer service: Enhance customer experience by capturing the right data and providing insights.

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