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A lot of time (hours) was spent in manually downloading 40+ reports from the Government of India’s DBT portal where each report can take over 10 minutes.
Consolidating big data from these reports and deriving actionable insights was also a time-consuming task.
Extremely high TAT between downloading information to making it available for the sales and marketing team in an actionable form.
Non-compliance can lead to massive losses and penalties.


Strategic Hyperautomation
Neebal developed a hyperautomation based solution which digitized the entire process via a mobile application that helps in downloading reports to provide actionable insights.
Our API and RPA enabled solutions consisted of features like downloading of reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis and integration with BI tools to provide requested KPI’s to relevant stakeholders.

The Methodology

Problem definition

Problem definition

Neebal assembled a team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed in implementing hyperautomation based solution.

Testing the focus group

Designing the prototype

The technology team created a hyperautomation based solution using RPA and API that helped log work as well as view reports. It was a one-stop solution to digitize the entire process that provides actionable insights.

Integrating User Experience

Integrating User Experience

Intuitive UI was created to drive users to answer the huge question set across the week by enabling offline handling of data. MTD data was plotted for KPI metrics in graphs with multiple plots, thus giving the user a snapshot view of the past trends.

Customising the solution

Customizing the solution

Unique assignment of weightages was embedded by uploading division-specific weightages for areas, sub-areas, and questions. Every unit was given its own leader-board to access the weekly status.

The Benefits

Man hours saved

The solution saved over 12 man hours a day of the MIS team in downloading and creating reports.

Key information

Key information is now available to the sales and marketing team at the start of each day.

Complete visibility

Complete visibility on pending acknowledgements prevented loss of subsidy.

Market share calculations

Market share calculations lead to strategic identification of regions of growth.


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