Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting


Gartner states that the IoT market will grow at a CAGR of 7% between 2020 and 2030 due to government and utility initiatives, and the installed base will grow from 1.6 billion to 3.2 billion worldwide. IoT helps bridge the gap between devices and individuals by creating new possibilities across previously unimaginable industries. Companies can take advantage of this technology to create unique customer experiences and increase efficiency.

Pain Points

Wastage of resources: Performing mundane tasks results in wastage of valuable human resources time.

Poor management: No connection between a multitude of intelligent devices results in misconduct.

Increased cost: The ROI becomes low due to the delayed processes.

Neebal’s Expertise

Neebal’s IoT consulting enables you to build solutions faster and better, converting possibilities into reality. With a doctor’s inquisitive approach, we get to the root cause of issues and provide specialised connectivity, device & network management, data acquisition, processing analysis, visualisation, application enablement, integration, and storage.


Strategic consulting: Before starting an engagement, we brainstorm ideas for IoT based automation systems or converging them with existing processes.

Innovative team: Our team of highly creative and agile minds develops innovative concepts to provide the best IoT solutions.

Quality infrastructure: Post ideation, the team implements and maintains near field, context-aware infrastructure for enabling IOT solutions.

Seamless IoT integration: To make IoT data available easily across the enterprise, we integrate the IoT solutions with your ERP, CRM, EHR and more.


Improved productivity: Mundane tasks are automated, enabling you to move valuable human resources to more complex tasks that require personal skills.

Enhanced management: Automated interconnection of intelligent devices provides control over multiple operation areas.

Reduced downtimes: IoT devices efficiently facilitate management within individual departments and across the enterprise structure with reduced downtime periods.

Improved ROI: We strive for achieving optimum ROI in working with us by ensuring on-time delivery.

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