"I like the work culture at Neebal" - Shraddha Shetty, BCAPS Champ

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    Shraddha has always projected a great work ethic and is always keen to help team members. Here is what she has to say after becoming the BCAPS Champ: 

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?
    I was introduced to Neebal via a friend and ex-employee of Neebal, I interviewed for the role of Quality Assurance Intern and got placed soon after

    Who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?
    My parents and all the team members that I have worked with have inspired me in some or another way throughout my journey so far

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?
    I listen to music, meditate or watch some good series whenever I feel a lot stressed

    What advice would you give someone that is just starting out?
    Do not hesitate or say to No to opportunities coming your way, you need to give a try to everything to understand what's the best for you, even if you fail at least you will come out learning something

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?
    It has been a great journey. I have been a part of Neebal for the last 5 years and have had some really good experiences, it has helped me shape my career and personality and I look forward to learning and explore more each day

    What are the 3 most played songs in your playlist?
    They keep on changing, I can tell you the last 3 songs I have played today and they are - Don't Wait Up - By Shakira, Safarnama and Iktara

    What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
    I have started reading START with WHY by Simon Sinek

    Your all-time favourite series/movie?

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?
    My responsibilities include more understanding client pain points and helping them with solutions to meet their objective and also to focus on improving current processes, all these responsibilities are in line with Neebal goals to generate value and provide quality work.

    What is your relationship with your team and how do they affect your work? OR How important is being a part of a team?
    Team members are an integral part of every project that you work in and they do have a vast impact on you and your work, I am lucky to have an amazing and cordial relationship with all the teams that I have worked with so far.

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?
    I like the work culture here, you are always given so many opportunities to learn and grow.



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