9 Work from Home Strategies You Must Know

We have put together a list of healthy work from home strategies that can help your team drive and thrive.

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We’ve been discussing motivation and productivity while working remotely at Neebal and put together a list of healthy work from home practices that I’d like to share with you to help your team drive and thrive.

Time is Important


Maintain your routine

Self-discipline and a healthy productive mind are essential. Wake up at your regular hours and get dressed like you would for the office. Keep your routine consistent with your work day.




Create a specific place in your home for working

Create a designated office space and keep the area clean and organized to help you focus. Avoid operating from your bed, sofa, couch, living room. Your kids’ study table is your work table now :)




Strategize your day

Set up routine and structure for your workday. Do the most difficult tasks first. Keep a notebook handy during work hours. Create boundaries between 'work time' and 'home time'.




Discover your high productivity periods and divide your day into parts

Try to do your important tasks during the time you are most productive and take breaks at regular intervals. Set multiple alarms every 2 hours to get up and walk.


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Be involved and stay connected

Visibility is very important. Stay connected with co-workers and your manager by scheduling virtual meetings. Conduct more video calls rather than only audio calls.


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Get, set and focus!

Focus on getting things done. Block distracting websites during work hours and avoid other distractions. Treat your work from home hours like you would if you are at your work.


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Transform commute time - Learn something new

It's time to learn, apply, and share. Use your extra time intentionally. Read articles on Medium, LinkedIn, and network digitally. Consider doing an online course in the area you are interested in.




Limit exposure to social media

Consider taking a break from the news and social media. Try a digital detox in the evenings to help you switch off from work.




Prioritize self-care

Try to exercise whenever you can. If possible, walk during phone meetings. Post working hours, make sure you rest, exercise, meditate (Headspace’s meditation sessions are a good place to start), and most importantly, stay safe.

We are interested in knowing how you are keeping yourself motivated. We look forward to hearing from you.

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