"I like both the work culture and the people here at Neebal" - Sowmya Iyer

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    Sowmya has always projected a great work ethic and is always keen to help team members. Here is more about her qualities on the BCAPS parameters:   

    Being Curious:

    In Master-O she was given a task where the android team was not able to give proper clarity of how things were to be implemented on the iOS side. And we're talking in terms of Android. She went through the Android code with little help from her mentor and figured out how things were to be implemented on iOS.She then went finalized the approach with the third party team who was blocked upon the iOS integration

    Customer Centricity:

    In this deep links were to be handled for two vendors and the hardcoding was on the client-side. She figured out that this can be a blocker if more clients come and can eventually cause an app release. She worked with the Web Team to move the logic to his side and freeing the logic from the front end.


    Initially, the project got delayed due to some clarity issues. Sowmya understood that and tried going through the code on Sat and Sun so that she could meet the deadlines.


    Sowmya did RCA why push notifications were not delivered and this caused her to revisit a huge chunk of the codebase in a short amount of time.


    Sowmya has documented the changes she has done and published them to the client. The client had a lot of developers transitioning and no proper documentation. Sowmya documented her part and also some areas that she touched.

    Sowmya shared his experience, interests, and more in an interview we recently conducted with her. This is what she had to say after becoming the BCAPS Star  

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?

    I was selected through the interview process held on my college campus. In the month of July, when the world was hit by the pandemic and people were losing jobs, we were informed that we would be onboarded and trained virtually. And I started my journey as a software engineer trainee with Neebal on 14th July 2020.

    Who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?
    There have been a lot of people whom I've met here and they have inspired me in so many ways. Starting from my training where Debo and Bhooshan were my mentors, the way they took time out from their schedules to help us with our projects on weekends or late at night during weekdays after completing their own tasks inspired me. In my last project(IEX mobility), I got an opportunity to work with some amazing people, a few mentions would be my manager(Ajay), who has been very helpful and supportive. Our tech lead(Ravi) and my colleague(Soniya), with whom I've learned a lot. The amount of dedication that they have is immense. This further motivates me to push my own limits.

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?
    I usually deal with stress by identifying the root cause, and solving it instead of procrastinating. I feel that delaying your works adds up the stress levels. After work, I make sure to go on a walk and listen to some soothing music. It has a very therapeutic effect on me.

    What is your guilty pleasure?
    Binge eating and binge-watching

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?
    It has been very enriching and nurturing. I have learnt a lot in this one year and gained exposure in multiple areas.

    Your all-time favourite series/movie?
    There are so many, but if I had to pick, The office(series) and Dil Chahta Hai(movie).

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?
    My responsibility would be to make sure that I am being the best at what I do, which in turn will ensure that the deliverables are handed over on time in the most efficient way possible.

    What is your relationship with your team and how do they affect your work? OR How important is being a part of a team?
    It has been very warm and friendly so far. The team is one important factor that keeps me going. It is definitely very important for me to be a part of the team because that is how you get to interact with multiple people and learn from them. Also, considering the current WFH situation that we are in, it becomes very monotonous and mundane if you have to work alone.

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?
    I like both the work culture and the people here.

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