Neebal helps me to grow personally and professionally

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    Our BCAPS Champion for Quarter IV - Shraddha Pednekar, is curious and wants to learn consistently.    

    She stayed true to the parameters for becoming the BCAPS Champ and showed perseverance and constant intent towards making possibilities real. We asked Shraddha a few questions about her journey and interests, and this is what she has to say: 

    How did you get your start in this industry?
    In 11th and 12th, I had computer science as a vocational subject. From that time, I started programming and developed an interest in programming. After 12th, I decided to choose computer engineering, which helps me to pursue my career in programming.

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?
    It was a college placement. So after engineering, I immediately started 2 months of training at Neebal, which was really helpful to start my career. After 2 months of training, I onboarded on a mobile-based application project. Then after working on few android project, started the server-based project.

    What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
    Achievements and appreciation help me to go above and beyond at the workplace.

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?
    Many activities are there like talking with friends, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, and watching a series.

    What advice would you give someone that is just starting?
    Learn as many technologies as you can, which helps later to provide solutions on any technology.

    What is one characteristic that you believe every engineer should possess?
    Curiosity and Continuous learning

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?
    Neebal helps me to grow personally and professionally. Few certain critical situations boost my confidence in life. Working on different projects helps me build the thought process to find the best solution for all the difficult problems.

    Your all-time favourite series/movie?
    Scam 1992, Stranger things, Barfi

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?
    Hands-on experience in multiple technologies and working environment.

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