"Every problem gives me a chance to improve." - Amandeep Arora

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    Our August 2020 BCAPS Star Amandeep Arora shared his views with us in our latest blog post. Besides being a rockstar employee, Amandeep loves Money Heist and is a "Believer" because of Imagine Dragons. 

    In this blog post, Amandeep discusses his experience at Neebal Technologies, and shares his interests.

    How did you get your start in coding?

    I was interested in computers and coding since school. I was really fascinated by android and the custom ROMs community. I wanted to make ROMs for android and hence, I entered coding.

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?

    I had taken a course for android development in Neebal learning. After my engineering I got a message from them that android developers a required. I had a meeting with the founder, Jude sir and then he recommended me and I gave the interview.

    What motivates you?

    Every problem gives me a chance to improve. I try to take an opportunity with both hands and keep myself motivated.

    Who are your role models?

    Sundar Pichai and Manthan Shah 

    What are the activities/value systems that made you achieve this great milestone?

    My inquisitiveness regarding the security of our applications, my interest in the rooting community and bypassing various restrictions set by the OEM's. The views and the reasons block chains are built. (The view where there is decentralisation of power).

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?

    I try to keep calm. I mostly break down my tasks into manageable pieces which helps me to stress about it less. And I never shy away from asking for any help.

    What advice would you give someone that is just starting out?

    Try to solve the problem with the best possible and optimised solution.

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    Binge watching  series with cliff hanger endings. :p

    What is one characteristic that you believe every programmer should possess?

    A good problem solving ability, and a possible view of future scenarios. 

    What are the 3 most played songs in your playlist?

    Slacks (St. South)

    Believer (Imagine Dragons)

    My life is going on (Cecilia Krull)

    What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

    Start with Why and Power of Habit

    Your all time favourite series/movie?

    Money Heist and 12 angry Men

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?

    Neebal's goals motivate me to become a better developer and to go out of my comfort zone to contribute towards clients goals

    What is your relationship with your team and how do they affect your work? OR How important is being a part of a team?

    We share a good relationship. We often discuss problems and their possible solutions. It helps us to look at a problem with a different lens.

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?

    Everybody is so motivated to do their best, even our CEO. It automatically helps me to give 120% at the job. 

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