"You have to give your 100%" - September 2020 BCAPS STAR Ishwar Madavi

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    This is his mantra for success. Ishwar loves Game of Thrones (Even the ending), but he has proven himself as a reliable team-player who is always on his tip-toes to help others and deliver on time. 

    The parameters for becoming the BCAPS Star are mentioned here, and September 2020  winner, Ishwar Madavi has shown exceptional promise and dedication to receive this accolade. We conducted a small interview to know more about his journey, but before what Ishwar had to say, let's see how he did on the BCAPS parameters according to his team-members. 


    Being Curious:

    Ishwar was aligned to work on the SOP UI module. The project’s UI module was Angular 2. Now him being new to Angular 2 and still managing to deliver the module on time is an appreciative task

    Customer Centricity:

    While executing the SOP module he took care of the certain UI Gaps during mockups. Since he managed to do everything in time, we were able to incorporate a few more end moment must-have features. 


    He took full responsibility for the SOP module and guided the team member to be aware of the scenarios that might come


    While working on the project, he was new to Angular 2 and he used to regularly connect with team-members to discuss the components which can be used. He ensured that the resolution was solid which the team gave him. He took his time to learn the skill even if he had to put in some extra hours.


    He was on the UI part of the SOP module, and on the server-side there was a new learner. He could have done only his part and said he was done, instead, he guided the fresher and made sure that everything is working fine and is in the deliverable state.

    This is what Ishwar said in his interview

    How did you start your journey in programming?

    I have done my engineering in ExTC field. I didn't know that much about programming. Then I wanted to develop a web application and for that I started learning Java. I initially started learning online and followed by a java programming course as well.

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?

    I got selected in an off-campus drive at Neebal as a fresher software engineer. In the beginning, I worked on the back-end and front-end of the Colodax project.

    What motivates you?

    Appreciation of my work always motivates me to do more

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?

    Always being positive and giving my 100% and having patience, it helps me to believe in myself. 

    What is the biggest challenge facing programmers today?

    Technology is changing and updating very fast. You have to update your technical skills with time.

    What advice would you give someone that is just starting out?

    Starting is always difficult. You have to give your 100%. You should not hesitate to get things clear with your colleagues if you don't understand.

    What is one characteristic that you believe every programmer should possess?

    Quick learner and adaptation of new things

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?

    It is my first job. I have been working here for the last 2 years. In the beginning, there was a lot of work pressure and dependency as I was not familiar with all these things. But it didn't take me long to settle in this environment. I really enjoy doing my work at Neebal.

    Your all time favourite series/movie? 

    I like to watch action and thrillers. My all time favourite series are Game Of thrones, Breaking Bad.

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?

    As I am part of this organization, I have some responsibilities, and completing them on time helps me grow with my organization.

    What is your relationship with your team and how do they affect your work? OR How important is being a part of a team?

    Teamwork is the most important thing. My team members have always believed in me and supported me.

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?

    The working environment is very good. Everyone is helpful.

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