BCAPS Star, Himank Jain

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    Himank Jain is our First BCAPS Star of 2020. BCAPS (Being Curious, Customer Centricity, Accountability, Perseverance, Stewardship) are the cultural values against which we measure every Neebalite's contribution each month.

    In our latest blog post, Himank discusses how he deals with stress, the attributes a successful programmer should possess, and shares a book has helped him make small changes in his daily life. 

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?

    I came to Neebal via Datamini, one of Neebal’s clients. My interview was focused on how I could provide solutions to clients and that gave me an idea of what working at Neebal would be like - being the doctor and providing a diagnosis to clients. Not just a temporary solution.

    Who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?

    I believe that anyone can be a source of inspiration, the important thing is that you want to be inspired. For instance, there is so much to learn from an office boy who comes before you and leaves after you. You need to open your eyes and have an open mind.
    I’m also inspired by my father. I’ve seen him work hard and maintain positive energy wherever my entire life.

    What are the attributes that helped you become a BCAPS Star?

    I always try to achieve the best outcome of any task - this helps me focus on the quality of my code. I also work to find permanent fixes to resolve complicated production issues instead of just providing patches.

    What is one characteristic that you believe every programmer should possess?

    Persistence is a very important attribute that every programmer should build. I believe it’s important to not let go until you find a solution to a problem. Persistence doesn’t let you quit and helps you push your limits.

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?

    Family is the most important thing. Even if they can’t provide the exact solutions I need, sharing my issues with them gives me a lot of relief. I also think managing daily tasks is important because it gives you clarity in moments of pressure.

    What advice would you give someone that is just starting out?

    Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable situations and try to explore everything that comes your way. You will make mistakes but don’t forget to learn from them. They have helped me build my confidence.

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work? What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

    I recently read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It changed my perspective on discipline in habits and I have started to make small changes in my daily life to bring out the best in me. 

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?

    As a programmer, the best thing I can do is to provide solutions to real time problems. I work on production issues and in many situations, I come up with solutions for the portal's better performance. This is the way we work at Neebal - implementing projects based on real-time problems of our clients.

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?

    My experience in Neebal so far has been about learning and growing. I have worked on different technologies and discovered my potential for quick learning. Handling the production of a project has also helped me build confidence. The positive work environment and the way your team stands by you in crisis is something that I appreciate a lot.

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