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    Neebal is a customer first organization. We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best. We have many contended clients who have graciously given their time in reviewing us on Clutch. Our vision is to be one of the leading IT solution partners to transform our customer’s business. 

    “The mission is to utilize Mobility, Analytics, Integration, and IoT platforms to drive 10x growth for our customers.” 

    With this in mind we ensure that our deliverables match the specific needs of our clients. Here is one of our success story.


    The leading Ed-Tech company is known for providing mobile content to students. Finding good-quality teachers in the remote places of India has been a big challenge for them. But, they have turned it into an opportunity. The Ed-tech caters to offer good-quality content through mobile networks. They also run 125 schools all over India. Discussing Neebal's work, this is what they had to say about us: 

    What challenge were you trying to address with Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd?

    The content itself wasn’t a problem for us but we had no exposure to the technology segment. We had no idea how to make this content available in remote places with no high-speed internet. Many places only have 2G available or 3G at most. Getting videoconferencing for live lectures in places like those was a big challenge, so our mobile app wasn’t a simple thing to create. Lectures needed to be smooth-running, without any pauses or buffering issues. Neebal took up this challenge.

    What was the scope of their involvement?

    Neebal designed and developed an Android, iOS, and web app that’s able to run video conferences over low-speed internet connections. The app serves primary-to-grade-12 students, so the UX part was another challenge. We had to create an app that students wouldn’t find boring, especially small kids, and it needed to be very intuitive and fitting for all ages, from five to 18 years. We went to them only with a problem statement. 

    “Neebal handled the full architecture, design, and development of the app. They conceptualized the entire project.”

    What is the team composition?

    We worked with different members across the project, and there were five people reporting to me at peak. They might have had a bigger team internally, but this was a fixed-cost project, so I wasn’t concerned with the number of developers used.

    How did you come to work with Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd?

    They were recommended to me by a friend who used them to develop a mobile app for his own company.

    “Neebal came highly recommended as a professional company with good design skills.”

     I got proposals from three other companies as well and we went through due diligence. Neebal was cost-effective, and, more importantly, had a reliable team and weren’t a small company where we might’ve risked having to shut the project shut down. We wanted to get long-term support from them as well, so it was important that they were financially stable.


    What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

    We’ve ranked high on Google Play from day one. Most users have given us ratings of four and five stars, and most of the lower ratings have been due to network issues. We’ve gotten very good feedback in terms of the UI and ease of use. Most users give us five stars on Google Play for UX design.

    How did Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd perform from a project management standpoint?

    “They’re quite structured and process-oriented. They have proper escalation mechanisms and schedule regular meetings.”

    What did you find most impressive about them?

    Neebal is a quite economical solution, and their team is quite good in terms of technical capabilities. Their readiness to solve queries is also important, as there were times when we needed late-night support and they were available.

    “I can rely on them for my business. I’ve referred them to many of my friends and to other companies. I highly recommend them, and I’d rate them a 9/10.”

    Are there any areas they could improve?

    They could go one level up on the UX side. We’ve gotten very good ratings for their work, but they could still go further.

    Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?

    It’s helpful to put together requirements in a systematic manner.

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