How can RPA improve customer experience?

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    One of the most talked about and debated buzzwords these days is robotic process automation (RPA) and how it is changing lives in myriad ways. 

    A study by Grand View Research stated that “The global process automation market size was valued at USD 597.5 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion by 2025”. The numbers speak for themselves, and rightly so since RPA is a dominating technology in the industry space today.

    RPA helps in nurturing customer relationships

    RPA is a capability (software and services) that functions by enabling a virtual workforce, aka “bots”, for performing mundane and complex tasks in the same way any human would. The bots help in collecting and extracting data, understanding patterns, and adapting to new environments. 

    Customer experience is considered one of the most crucial parts of any consumer-facing enterprise strategy. Accomplishing this can be challenging, especially if the enterprise is constantly growing and changing its technology. RPA solutions are enabling companies in sustaining a consistent customer experience throughout all channels and levels. 

    Here are some ways in which RPA is helping companies in improving their customer experience-
    • Quick response to customer queries

    With the help of chatbots, RPA is helping companies make the best of both worlds. Customers receive an instant response to their queries, and simultaneously chatbots store, filter, and display information which maximizes the company's approachability for the customer. Some other added advantages of bots with respect to customer experience management are-

    • Real-time response to common customer queries
    • Enhanced speed and efficiency 
    • Solving multiple queries at the same time

    • Eliminating human error

    RPA solutions help in reducing manual errors by automating mundane and time-consuming tasks and queries. Since RPA bots follow rule-based protocols, there is no chance of feeding the customers with an incorrect or irrelevant reply. Moreover, the employees get ample time for performing advanced functions helping them to upgrade their creativity skills and problem-solving capabilities.

    • Providing information in real-time

    The key to improving customer experience is by providing the customers with relevant data about your company quickly for solving customers’ queries in real-time. This is where bots come in! Incorporating an attended robot on the homepage is not only enabling companies to answer customers’ queries about their products in real-time but is also increasing their database by collecting valuable customer details. 

    The bottom line is that every customer wants to feel important. Only by delivering an incredible customer experience, you can let them know that their time is valuable for you. And leveraging RPA solutions help you in doing that and much more. 

    How can Neebal help?

    Neebal’s RPA capabilities have helped a leading Bank to automate business processes, eliminate human-induced errors and facilitate digital transformation rapidly. We increased efficiency and productivity by automating manual business processes with bots. This helped the Bank in mitigating tedious processes and eliminating human errors while streamlining trade operations. Contact us today to get your automation journey started. 






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