How hyperautomation helps in modern day Loan Processing

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    Loan processing system is pretty complex and vast as it involves lots of dependencies, tons of paperwork, data checks etc.  Banks today face challenges in executing their tasks effectively due to rise in competition and limited resources. However, advancements in automation technologies have enabled the financial decision makers to streamline their strategies and tasks to stand out. 

    Significance of hyperautomation in loan processing

    Considering the rising demands and diverse requirements in the loan processing segment, banks now are more focused on making tasks convenient and purposeful. With this objective in mind they are keen on transforming ways through which loans can be disbursed seamlessly. Hyperautomation, a business driven approach to automate processes is being used by banks today for reducing human intervention and ensuring enhanced productivity. 

    By encompassing interactive solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Hyperautomation has become indispensable for the Banking sector enabling it to deliver top notch services in the most flawless manner. From automating customer data acquisition to incorporating robotics in data tabulation, loan processing systems have progressed exponentially to ensure loyalty and satisfaction among existing and prospective customers. 

    Challenges which hyperautomation can overcome in loan processing

    In today’s fast paced world following traditional methods to process loans are time consuming. Moreover human induced errors in implementing tasks can pose serious challenges and hamper the expectations of the customers. 

    Using hyperautomation in loan approval and disbursement is beneficial in the following aspects:

    • Process optimization
    • Smooth access for loan availing options
    • Borrowers’ convenience
    • Streamlined benefits


    Loan Process

    Core benefits of hyperautomation in loan processing

    By the virtue of this immersive technology, banks and other financial institutions can enhance tasks ranging from loan origination to post disbursement. Optimum utilization of hyperautomation can benefit this industry in the following ways:

    Productivity growth: Being an automation technology, this can help in performing tasks like document routing, email sorting, and data entry faster and accurately. By eliminating huge time spent in performing repetitive roles, hyperautomation is suitable to increase productivity. Lenders can increase the organization’s profits by processing multiple applications in a short time span.

    Fraud detection: Hyperautomation has the advantage of making early fraud detection via Loss Origination Systems. Banks can identify loans which are more prone to fraud and can reduce the threats by customizing the solutions. 

    Easier audits: Hyperautomation helps in sorting and processing documents faster, thus enabling in implementing compliance guidelines easily. With easy access to files and operations, auditors can carry out their responsibilities in a hassle free manner. 

    Predictable revenue: Data analytics and artificial intelligence simplify the revenue forecasting.. Using automation revenue generation can be predicted over specific spans across loan cycles. 

    How Neebal can help

    We at Neebal have been working with automation technologies for more than a decade. Our expertise includes developing purpose-built outcome-oriented solutions that facilitate transformation of business processes and enabling businesses to stay ahead of their competition. Having worked with diverse businesses across industries, our teams have gained skills in making automation technologies indispensable to ensure increased profits and uninterrupted growth.

    Banking and finance have always been one of our focus industries. Our loan processing automation solutions have helped many financial institutions in streamlining processes and serving customers effectively. From overcoming time constraints to providing the desired benefits, our solutions are capable of catering to complex demands with superlative convenience. 

    Salient features of our automation solutions for the BFSI sector: 

    • 38% improvement in sales for a MNC BFSI company
    • Enhanced client engagement due to readily available data
    • 70% faster turnaround time for loan application and approval
    • Improved self service capabilities with respect to compliance, governance and security controls


    Consult our experts today and experience the magical benefits of our hyperautomation solutions using RPA tools

    Conclusion: Are you looking for hyperautomation solutions to boost your business? Talk to our solution specialists today and automate your customer interaction and financial product processing. 

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