How hyperautomation helps in transforming order to cash process

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    Order to cash process is considered as one of the enterprise spanning processes which can either make or break a brand. This mission critical process determines the following

    Customer satisfaction level

    Effective cash management

    Employees productivity

    Order to Cash Management- Neebal

    With passing time, this process has gained significance and popularity because of its ability to digitally transform the businesses and enable them to stand out. Automating order to cash process is trending as businesses across industries can streamline their tasks and focus on improving customer experiences. To keep pace with the rising demands, automating this system will be of great help for the enterprises. Hyperautomation is seen as a beneficial solution in this regard to ensure hassle free transactions without hampering the customer loyalty. 

    What is an order to cash process

    The main objective of this process is to serve customers with goods in exchange for cash. For a typical sale from stock scenario this process involves

    Order creation

    Order fulfilment

    Order shipping



    Order management and accounts receivable are the two main ingredients of this process. While the former helps in maintaining seamless tasks for the business, the latter contributes in smooth payments. By applying the advanced automation techniques, brands can enhance their productivity and minimize human intervention to meet the aims and objectives. 

    Banks can keep track of the transactions happening and predict futuristic trends based on the purchasing behavior using suitable RPA tools. This saves time for the banks to eliminate human induced errors and bring in transformation to prevent financial losses/frauds. 

    Absence of hyperautomation in O2C process involves the following challenges:

    Poorly maintained customer data
    HIgh error rate resulting in costly and time consuming rework
    Issues in monitoring delivery tracking affecting customer retention

    Benefits of hyperautomation in Order 2 Cash

    Faster progress: Using automation technology, order 2 cash process can be streamlined effectively enabling banks to ensure error free transactions. Through this system, digital frauds can be prevented via customized solutions. 

    Improving overall process efficiency: From updating master data to improving customer interaction, automation technologies when incorporated into order to cash system can perform multiple tasks with ease and accuracy. Banks can track the financial transactions happening whenever each order gets completed. This reduces complexities and can create strategies in dealing with diverse demands across the globe. 

    How Neebal can help

    We at Neebal create and deliver unique automated solutions for industries such as BFSI, Agro, Pharma, FMCG and others. Having more than a decade’s presence, we  have been providing outcome oriented and purpose driven solutions to enhance efficiency and ROI. From tracking transactional tasks to maintaining daily sales outstanding our services are applicable in all areas affecting business growth and profitability. 

    Consult our solution experts for your business transformation. Grow your business with our automated financial solutions and stand out in the current competition. 

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