How Hyperautomation takes the worry out of remote work

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    The transition of employees to remote work environments en masse resulted in what IT teams feared most: a massive spike in security threats as usage of devices with multiple degrees of adherence to security protocols increased. 

    The top threats include risky, non-compliant employee behavior, malicious emails, and increased software vulnerabilities. Systems that previously ran steadily, aided by regular software patching and asset visibility are now exposed to both internal and external threat through applications and devices that are not vetted thoroughly for corporate network use. 

    Hyperautomation helps IT resolve help desk tickets and increase the security net over myriad remote devices. Simply put, shifting manually intensive tasks to automated processes accelerates remediation of issues before they disrupt the network and Hyperautomation provides better visibility into devices that may indicate a security threat. 

    Putting Hyperautomation to Work

    Hyperautomation tools resolve the majority of issues before users even report them. The IT department reduces service management and helps desk workloads by using RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning to proactively remediate issues while gaining greater intelligence into the different types of threats the business faces. 

    These advanced tools also minimize the burden of remote work for IT, which uses Hyperautomation to become more proactive in security practices. Remote workers benefit too as a result of continued productivity without any disruptions caused by security threats. 

    Further use of Hyperautomation helps IT effectively manage a more secure remote environment in the following ways: 

    1. Easy device set up

    Enterprises are adequately leveraging Hyperautomation to set up automated telecommuting cycles to streamline processes. This supports an easier, error-free enrolment of the new gear. The employees are easily set up with VPNs and provided with a personal ID with their separate enrollment number of the newly purchased equipment. 

    2. Enhanced threat insight

    The first key to removing security threats is the enterprises’ ability to see across the entire environment, what devices, applications, and software are in use. Hyperautomation tools sense if there are any threats, analyze vulnerabilities, and make the required changes in device behavior or usage. Continuous sensing, detecting, and discovering security issues enables the IT department to prioritize the resolution of critical issues, further protecting the network from threats.

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    3. Streamlined processes

    Hyperautomation fueled by the agility, mobility, and security of the cloud empowers all departments of the company to perform their best. Hyperautomation tools enable the IT team to proficiently deal with the nitty-gritty of technical requirements of a workforce working remotely; HR to efficiently manage processes while giving a seamless employee onboarding experience; and use of RPA bots to automate employees’ menial and repetitive tasks to help them focus on value-added tasks. 

    4. Faster patching

    RPA tools help reduce time-to-patch, a critical concern in addressing threats effectively. RPA bots collect intelligent data providing information on patch reliability, enabling security teams to act on threats faster. 

    5. Proactive remediation

    RPA bots help identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risk and then notify the IT department of those posing the most immediate threat. Automated resolution enables IT operations to move from a reactive response mode to a proactive, ‘self-secure’ model, addressing vulnerabilities before any threat factor breakthrough. 


    Security remains a key concern for enterprises considering the hybrid or remote work trend. Hyperautomation offers a solution to address myriad security concerns; specifically, prioritizing high-risk threat intervention, and automated remediation to help neutralize the primary vulnerabilities in remote work. 

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