How to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs Without Losing Quality?

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    Are you planning to develop a mobile app for your business? Are you concerned about collaborating with mobile developers for the first time and discussing the cost of developing a mobile app? The cost of developing a mobile application varies a lot; it depends on the required functionalities and features of the app, the work background, and experience of the developers, platforms you intend to build, and many more factors. Developing a mobile application is not just about coding, but a bunch of processes and operations done by project managers, designers, developers, quality assurance experts, and many other professionals. Cutting down on quality does not mean decreasing the cost of app development; it can mean ruining your brand or business project.

    In our blog post, we’re going to discuss four solutions at length.

    Define Application Requirements

    Productive planning is an essential rule that should be practiced by both small startups and large corporations. The concept following this method is to determine application development costs by considering all possible alternatives in your budget to avoid unexpected spending.

    A PRD i.e., a product requirement document, is a highly-structured list of your application features and the projected tech stack. Here are some key PRD components:

    • Company background 

    • Project objectives and product idea

    • Project Timelines

    • Application features

    • Platforms

    • Need for UX and UI design 

    • Project control points and execution milestones 

    • Budget estimates made by the development team

    Documenting your requirements will reduce app development costs associated with a lack of communication and understanding between the development team and the application owner. It will also decrease the product's risk of having to be rebuilt several times.

    Decide the Platform

    Companies plan on deploying the app for each mobile platform such as Android, iOS, and Windows to ensure that multiple users will have access to the app. But when the corporation is attempting to keep the app development cost low, it is better to target a single platform. The most reliable way to determine which platform to choose is to figure out which one is preferred by the majority of the brand's target audience. By choosing to develop the app for just one platform instead of three, you can bring down the expense of app development by almost two-thirds.

    Another option is to choose cross-platform app development as it is a cost-effective way to make the application ready to be extended on multiple platforms.

    MVP Releases

    MVP indicates the minimum viable product that can be developed as a mobile application. MVP is a basic version of an application. It is a process in which a new product, with necessary features, is developed to test the target audience's reaction. Later the real product, with a full set of features, is developed after receiving comments from the first users.

    An inclusive mobile app MVP includes the minimum but essential features that address a core problem you are aiming to solve for a targeted set of users. Once you serve your core set of users' needs, you can then begin to target other audiences. Many massively successful apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Uber are an example of MVP releases.

    Outsourcing Development

    Hiring a team of dedicated application developers and outsourcing the project to them continues to be a cost-saving strategy for many large and medium-scale enterprises. Outsourcing brings in various options under all budgets & you can wisely choose the best suited for your project. You can either go for a fixed budget or an hourly basis payment model. If you compare this with the cost of hiring an in-house team of developers, it will cost you much. 

    Mobile app development outsourcing will save money for you in the long run. Experienced developers will manage your project, and the overall quality of the app will be superior. Another advantage of outsourcing your mobile app development project is exploring developers around the world, regardless of location.

    Even though professional app creation isn't cheap, by following our advice, you can reduce the cost of mobile app development without losing the final product's quality. You must find a team that wants to take on your project and is also able to bring you the desired result. It is also worth mentioning that each project is unique. You can find out more about how to reduce the cost of mobile app development for your project by contacting the Neebal Application Development team.

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