Our BCAPS Star for October 2021 | Pooja Dalvi - Neebal technologies

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    Pooja has always projected a great work ethic and is always keen to help team members. Here is more about her qualities on the BCAPS parameters:   

    Being Curious:

    Whenever a BRD walkthrough meeting is being conducted for any new CR that is to be taken up in Udaan, Pooja is always an active participant raising queries related to an impact that the CR can have on all the existing modules in Udaan.

    Customer Centricity:

    Whenever any CR in Udaan is being tested, Pooja makes sure that the screenshots are captured on executing all the high importance test cases. These screenshots as evidence/proof of testing the business-critical workflows are shared in an email to the client along with the detailed execution report. Thus the client can now rest assured about the test coverage which has indirectly helped us gain their trust and confidence in the testing that is being done.
    Pooja drives/provides UAT Demo to the client for the CR's that she has tested thereby showcasing the thoroughness of testing to the client, taking him through all that is covered as a part of the implementation, known open bugs for the CR to date, verifying if the implementation is as per the client expectations and trying to gain an insight to the business/client perspective /feedbacks/suggestions. This helps the stakeholders with a better understanding of the status of testing and development for the CR, open bugs in the system and requirement coverage which ultimately supports decision making.


    Whenever any task is being assigned to Pooja, she ensures that it is completed within the set timelines with quality. She is always ready to work late after working hours and sometimes even on weekends to help her team achieve the milestone.
    Last week, Pooja was down with fever, but she did let her health impact the work. She simultaneously worked on testing two builds without compromising the quality(all the planned scenarios were executed). She was of an opinion that she was the one who was assigned the sole responsibility to test the CR's and handing over her tasks last minute to her QA colleague, Achal would not just overload Achal and affect the tasks that are planned for Achal but also impact the timelines that are already communicated to the client.


    While working on RPT Scripts CR, Pooja came across bugs that were random in nature. Despite multiple failed attempts to recreate the scenario, she did not give up, instead made tremendous/persistent efforts to analyse the root cause/scenario behind the occurrence of such bugs, There was a case when she spent three to four hours after the working hours just to find the correct set of steps and test data to recreate the scenario for a bug. Instead of reporting a vague/ambiguous bug which would consume a lot of developers time in debugging to identify the root cause of a bug, Pooja ensured that the detailed scenario to recreate each bug along with an input excel file with test data for the scenario was provided to the developer though it took a lot of her time and energy. Pooja is diligent in whatever she does and does it with great care and effort.


    Udaan being a vast and complex project, by this time, Pooja out of her curiosity has explored the in and out of the project. She can be called a Polymath for Udaan i.e someone who has a wide knowledge of all the modules and business workflows in Udaan.
    She is always a point of contact to anyone who wants to learn and understand Udaan or for the resolution of complex queries.
    Pooja ensures that she shares her knowledge for Udaan with any member that joins the team by taking out time from her busy schedule to take them through or provide a functional walkthrough for the project.
    For the complex CR's related to migration and scripts for upload, she has documented a checklist of standard scenarios that must be executed which serves as a reference to test the CR's which are similar in nature. This is not just helpful to the Udaan QA's but also to the QA's outside Udaan who cater to similar projects.

    Pooja shared her experience, interests, and more in an interview we recently conducted with her. This is what she had to say after becoming the BCAPS Star  

    How did you get your start in <engineering/sales/programming>
    After completing engineering in EXTC I got to know about Software Testing and did a course in Software Testing.

    How did you start your journey at Neebal?

    Post completing the Software Testing course, the training institute scheduled an interview at Neebal and I got selected as Quality Analyst Intern in 2017. That's how I started my journey with Neebal.

    What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment?
    A few months or a year ago when I was working on a project and there was a task of another project - Crisil Lighthouse which was previously handled by me, BA came and asked me when can I be able to complete the testing of the Lighthouse build, I said currently I am occupied but Lighthouse build execution can be completed by tomorrow and she said yes I know you follow your commitments and I trust you for that. The trust I had earned from my peers is the greatest accomplishment I must say.

    What motivates you? OR What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
    It's the "Responsibility" you have and the supportive colleague.

    Who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?
    My Parents will be always my role models and mentors.
    In terms of work Pranali inspired me a lot, she taught me how each and every task is important and how to manage time while completing any task. Sneha is also an inspiration for me, the work dedication she has, the way she thinks on Test Scenarios is awesome.

    How do you deal with stress in life and at work?
    I listen to music whenever I feel stressed.

    What is one characteristic that you believe every <engineer/sales personnel/programmer> should possess?
    Being honest to your assigned task, being curious to learn new things.

    What has your experience at Neebal been like so far?
    It has been a great journey with Neebal. I have learned a lot of things here and had so many different experiences. It helped to grow professionally. The people here at Neebal is the best thing.

    What are the 3 most played songs in your playlist?
    They are not fixed, but recently I have played -
    1. Manike mage hithe (Shrilankan song which trending nowadays)
    2. Dhaga Dhaga - Marathi song from Dagadi Chawl
    3. Ratan Lambiyan from Shershah

    What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
    I haven't read a single book since last few years but the last books I have read are -
    1. The things between You and Me by Sagar
    2. Shyamachi Aai by Sane Guruji (Marathi novel)

    Your all-time favourite series/movie?
    Son Of Sardar and Welcome

    How do you relate your responsibilities to Neebal’s goals?
    Getting better customer satisfaction by delivering quality work

    What is your relationship with your team and how do they affect your work? OR How important is being a part of a team?
    They are supportive and helpful, I can learn lots of things from them. Being part of the best people team is important where you can grow and learn.

    What do you like most about working at Neebal?
    The best thing in Neebal is the way they welcome new joinees it feels like you are the celebrity.
    The work environment, Neebal people and the ease of communication you have where you can even ask silly questions to your senior.

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