Role of Hyperautomation in digital transformation

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    Hyperautomation technology is a business-driven methodology that enterprises are embracing rapidly to bring about innovation and success. Hyperautomation includes an amalgamation of multiple technologies including Robotic process automation (RPA), Machine learning (ML) Artificial intelligence (AI), and Business process management (BPM). 

    As per Gartner, Hyperautomation is, essentially, automation on Hyper-drive. It uses cutting-edge tech like RPA, AI, and ML to automate processes and augment human capabilities. 

    Digital transformation is a continuous process

    Once an enterprise modernizes the legacy systems and invests in a bunch of modern technological innovations, it has successfully embraced automation and analytics. Basically, it has kick-started the digital transformation journey and is reaping the benefits of new-age, scalable, and secure technologies. That being said, digital transformation isn’t just a one-time project. It is a constant process and enterprises need to implement new technologies and update their existing systems to be able to drive continuous transformation and results. 

    To drive transformation, organizations are transitioning from leveraging a set of automation technologies to building a more connected and holistic automation strategy.  

    Embracing a Hyperautomation strategy combines different technologies like RPA, AI, machine learning, and business process management into one. It provides the much-needed visibility into operations while allowing organizations to orchestrate work across multiple systems by automating critical processes.

    Integrating Hyperautomation into your digital strategy is indispensable 

    The rapid digital revolution has necessitated the need for enterprises to accelerate their transformation in a digital-first world. Hyperautomation helps enterprises to rapidly identify, analyze, and automate processes using technologies such as RPA, AI, and ML. 

    Touted to aid in delivering the next level of digital transformation, Hyperautomation 

    has been recognized as an agile technology trend by industry analysts. Since the amalgamation of technologies Hyperautomation leverages are process-agnostic, the concept can be  used in any organization, for any business process, and across different business use cases. 

    A research by Gartner states that through 2024, the drive towards Hyperautomation will encourage organizations to adopt at least three out of the many process-agonistic types of software that equip Hyperautomation, helping organizations to lower operational costs by 30% by integrating Hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes. 

    Here’s why Hyperautomation is crucial to digital transformation: 

    • Drives quicker value: Today’s business era requires enterprises to stay a step ahead of competitors and customers. Hyperautomation significantly reduces lead time. By empowering enterprises to combine automation with agile technologies, it completes tasks in a shorter period of time, while freeing the human workforce, which can be placed to address other value-added and business-critical tasks.


    • Frees up top management: By optimizing everyday processes, Hyperautomation frees up top management from the routine business processes, allowing them to curate new and improved strategies enabling greater efficiency, improved ROI, and lower operational costs. For instance, in the healthcare sector, Hyperautomation is used to diagnose patient health conditions with the help of RPA bots.


    • Helps innovate at speed: Unlike fragmented automation which limits the possibility to innovate at speed by using discrete technologies, Hyperautomation provides complete transparency and helps businesses map the technology to the actual business journey and customers, logically progressing from standard automation to intelligent automation. This enables innovation and facilitates business transformation at scale.

      For instance, Hyperautomation helps manufacturers automate high-volume, and repetitive tasks in the supply chain while driving adaptation to the latest trends and opportunities in real-time, thus reacting to changes promptly and significantly impacting the bottom line. 



    In the digital era, change is the only constant. Enterprises have embarked on the digital transformation journey and need to constantly drive efforts to ensure they’re making the most of the latest technology innovations. 

    How Can Neebal Help?

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