The most promising benefits of Automation for the IT service desk

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    With enterprises embracing digital transformation by adopting agile technologies, IT Service Management has become an indispensable part of every business. IT service desks are enduring massive transformation to be more productive and efficient while offering better service delivery experiences. 

    The IT service desk manages employee requests right from setting up a new system to providing credentials and access to various applications and fixing hardware. Furthermore, the IT service desk also addresses cybersecurity concerns and communicates with employees regarding maintenance outages and so on. Since most of the IT service desk processes are manual and repetitive, enterprises are automating the same by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

    Role of RPA in IT service desk management

    1. Improved service delivery quality

    IT service desks are often overwhelmed with questions and requests that need prompt responses, which is not always possible for personnel working on other projects. Furthermore, juggling so many tasks tires out an IT support professional with a heavy workload and leads to errors. This not only diminishes productivity but also has a negative impact on user experience. RPA is capable of handling many service requests simultaneously. Programming the RPA bots to follow a set of rules and execute specific tasks, helps enterprises streamline these tasks quickly and without any error. 

    2. Automated user management

    During the employees’ onboarding process, the IT service desk is in charge of setting up a new email account, creating new accounts, and other service requests. Executing tedious and time-consuming tasks manually results in higher costs, and decreased efficiency, preventing the IT team from working on something more valuable and productive.

    Enterprises program RPA bots to extract data from email exchanges and ITSM (IT Service Management Tools) and structure the information according to the business requirements. The bots help create an account, provide default credentials to the employees, notify HR, and finish the task successfully. 

    3. Efficient incident management

    The majority of incidents don’t require human intervention and can be easily resolved with rule-based programmed RPA bots. Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities, bots identify service request categories based on the raised incident, and user conversation, routing the incident based on a predefined informative scale with the appropriate authority or self-help articles. 

    The bots then converse with the user until the incident is resolved. The process results in reduced resolution time and enhances the user experience. In case of any intricate decision-making involved, RPA bots forward the issue to human experts. 

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     4. Reduced IT costs

    The cost per ticket resolution is decided by the resources and time allotted to resolve the ticket. The cost per resolution increases with request complexity. RPA requires far less time and resources to fulfill the same amount of requests. Even a single bot handles multiple user requests 24*7, shortens resolution time, and ultimately reduces cost. 


    RPA in IT Service desk management


    5. Enhanced User Experience

    Users prefer to solve their problems on their own instead of relying on and waiting for the IT department’s revert. Automating basic service offerings enabling users to file tickets and track the status by themselves improves user experience. 


    RPA augments IT workers and offers a tremendous advantage to the IT service desk by executing cumbersome and repetitive manual tasks. 

    With RPA bots a broad range of tasks including verifying security credentials, provisioning virtual servers or other resources, or configuring security policies for a new user group can be easily automated. RPA significantly reduces the time spent on resolving issues, allowing service reps to reserve their time for upskilling for higher-value IT work. 

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