Neebal’s DevOps services enable a Pharma MNC to facilitate faster project delivery, reduce risk and induce business continuity resulting in improved productivity.

About the client:

The client is a leading MNC pharmaceuticals company with presence in over 80+ countries providing over 1,500 products.



  • Error-prone processes: Manual deployment for 100+ portlets resulting in human-induced error.
  • Lack of automation: No Automated Testing and Validation suite in place resulting in dependency on QA for testing.
  • Time-consuming processes: As a result of complete dependency on QA, and manual errors, the processes were turning out to be too time-consuming.


  • Uninterrupted development: The new DevOps practice included the planning and coding phases of the DevOps lifecycle.
  • Automated testing: We incorporated automated, prescheduled, continued code tests while application code is being written or updated.
  • Fast-paced integration: We also brought configuration management tools together with other test and development tools to track codes for production. It involved rapid feedback between testing and development to quickly identify and resolve code issues.
  • Automated delivery: We automated the delivery of code changes after testing pre-production or staging environments.


  • Faster delivery time: With the help of automation, continuous delivery, and a quick feedback cycle, DevOps can be implemented in minutes.
  • Reduced quality failures: Overall improvement in code quality and reduced failures due to automated testing.
  • Significantly reduced risk: Failure risk was mitigated with the help of Blue-Green Deployment.