Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM)


According to Gartner’s Key Predictions, by 2024, 30% of large enterprises will newly implement identity-proofing tools to address common weaknesses in workforce identity life cycle processes.

Pain Points

Infrastructure security: Providing role-based access is critical for ensuring overall infrastructure security.

Tedious profile management: Management of multiple profiles and access permissions is a difficult task.

Solution Details

Neebal’s IAM solutions can provide real-time cryptographic digital transaction signing at a massive scale. Our enterprise IAM solutions help organisations manage their digital identity, protect their privacy and secure digital interactions. In addition, we equip organisations with the skills and resources to manage digital transactions effectively.


Secure ID: An IAM Crypto-ID is provisioned and managed by the secure cloud-based IAM Platform.

Encryption: An app provides multiple cryptographic services like multi-factor crypto-based authentication, encryption, multi-party electronic signature, encryption and data integrity.


Improved security: solutions help identify and mitigate security risks.

Simplified management: IAM provides a common platform for access and process identity management information.

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