Neebal’s mobile app development services help an Agri Supermarket platform to significantly improve user experience for data-driven apps.

About the client:

The client has a revolutionary Agri Ecommerce platform that enables small town retailers to sell over 50,000 products to walk-in customers.



  • Application design: Monolith application design resulted in a large code base thereby making it tough for developers and QA’s to understand the code and business knowledge.
  • Rigid data capture: The platform involves mechanisms which restrict granular information capture for product inventory. Eg. product details were redundant across SKUs.
  • Access control: The system lacked role-based access control.
  • Manual reporting: Manual extraction of reports lacked self-service capabilities.
  • Application scalability: Applications could not be scaled in alignment with business.


  • Role-based access: The solution introduced role-based access control for quality checks and controls.
  • Intuitive dashboards: It provided function-unit-wise KPIs, reporting, and intuitive dashboards.
  • Reusability: It continuously promoted and increased reusability in practice.


  • Seamless consumer experience: One stop shop for all ecosystems to drive seamless consumer experience across retailers / distributors / consumers.
  • Efficient management: Interactive shopping experience with 47% improved product order, inventory and delivery management.
  • Data storage compliance: The client does not have to worry about data storage compliance since the data is stored on the users' phone.
  • AI and human verification: Combination of AI and human verification simplified the verification process.