Neebal enabled an energy trading company to improve its customer onboarding process and facilitated end-to-end digital transformation.

About the client:

The company is an Indian electronic system based power trading exchange which offers a digital platform for the trading of electricity products.


  • Multiple applications: Managing multiple offline desktop application for various business operations and stakeholders for energy trading.
  • Data synchronization: Trading profiles for different markets were stored in the local memory of the application limiting data synchronization.
  • Lack of offline process: There was no process in place for customers to trade energy during offline events.


Neebal leveraged its expertise in workflow automation to develop a platform which digitized the entire end-to-end energy trading process.

  • Unified Interface: Single portal for multiple users to perform trading activities.
  • Single Platform: Multiple market segments and instruments around energy trading integrated into single platform.


  • Increased efficiency: 70% improvement in customer onboarding.
  • Enhanced data visibility: Seamless customer experience with real time trading data visibility.
  • Complete online experience: The solution provided stakeholders with complete online/offline access to perform business activities.