Neebal's workflow automation solutions enable a Pharma MNC to eliminate time consuming manual workflow and enable digitisation of operations through a single platform.

About the client: 

The client is one of the leading global Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare companies with presence in over 80+ countries providing over 1,500 products.



  • Multiple websites: Pharma companies need to monitor over 200 websites, publications, magazines publishing new regulations in the pharma industry every day.
  • Manual process: Monitoring websites was a manual process which led to wastage of time and increased human-induced errors.
  • Non-compliance: Inability to adhere to latest regulations led to massive losses and penalties for the organizations.


Neebal leveraged the power of workflow automation and digitised the process of monitoring all websites, identified changes in regulations and displayed only those that needed human intervention.

  • Process simplification: A simplified digitised process to monitor the necessary websites, identified and displayed only those regulations that were changed/edited through human intervention.
  • Unified interface: Workflow automation provides a unified interface with role-based access to extract, transform, and store data from multiple publicly verifiable and private knowledge repositories.
  • Key information availability: Essential information is available to the sales and marketing team at the beginning of each day instead of having to wait for it till the monitoring process was completed manually.


  • Reduced time: Reduce long working hours needed to scout and scrape through all the necessary websites.
  • Minimized manual error: Eliminate manual errors as a result of automation.
  • Enhanced decision making: Readily available data to all stakeholders in real-time enables quick decision making and course corrections.