When is Flutter beneficial for mobile app development?

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    With Flutter gaining traction in the mobile development industry, most looking at embracing it have one question in common-

    Will Flutter be good for our app development

    This question crosses every business’s mind while developing their app. Here are a few circumstances which can help you decide when you should consider Flutter for your mobile app development-

    1. When you want to launch your app quickly in the market

    Usually, two kinds of businesses are on a tight timeline to release their apps in the market-

    • Startups
      A recent study states that the release timing of an app accounts for 42% of the difference between a startup’s success and doom. Missing out on a timely launch wipes out the purpose of their launch.
    • Enterprises
      Most enterprises are already successful, but to maintain so it is crucial to keep innovating and growing business via various lines of products and services. It has become essential to stay neck-to-neck with your competitors, and a timely launch plays a major role in this. 


    With the Hot Reload feature, single codebase, and faster testing time, Flutter becomes the very definition of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for all the time-critical businesses, with the app built in a short timespan with limited yet critical features. 

    2. When you want to provide a native app experience

    Cross-platform app development frameworks may assure native app experiences, but they fail in maintaining the authenticity of the app. With Flutter, all traditional challenges fizzle out.

    When it comes to integrating the native features such as navigation, scrolling, fonts, etc, Flutter creates a framework that makes the apps look attractive as well as consistent across multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.). Flutter helps developers build brilliant native apps using personalized widgets while considering the platform differences. 

     3. When you want to reduce development cost

    By investing in native app development, businesses can get amazing app UX but the costs are super high which makes ROI difficult.

    Flutter’s astounding features like Hot Reload, Material Design, single codebase, etc, reduce hours as well as money that otherwise developers put in to build two mobile apps. Flutter helps create two mobile apps at the cost of one… literally! 

    4. When you want consistent UI across iOS and Android

    Flutter incorporates widgets from Apple’s Cupertino and Google’s Material Design. Hence during the Flutter widget rendering in the Skia engine, developers don’t require the Original Equipment Manufacturer widgets, which creates flawless app UI across Android and iOS. 

    The long and short of it…

    When you want a scalable, appealing, and high performing cross-platform app in limited money and time, Flutter is the way to go! That being said, it also depends on the Flutter App Development Company you choose. 

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