Flutter App Development


With mobile app development being touted as an area with tremendous growth potential, there is a huge need for solutions that can address cross-platform requirements. Organisations are always searching for technologies that simplify such requirements and boost productivity while saving cost.

Pain Points

Plethora of software bugs: Ensuring that applications render properly across platforms requires additional code, which further increases software bugs.

Complex interoperability: Ensuring seamless operation of applications across multiple platforms is challenging.

Complex integration: Integrating such apps with other apps requires special attention and additional coding.

Low productivity: Multiplicity of software bugs and interoperability issues lead to inconsistent performance and low productivity.

Solution Details

Neebal’s Flutter app development solution provides a user-friendly framework with an engaging interface. We ensure faster app startup and work towards minimizing performance issues. You also get an instant view of changes made in the code on emulators, simulators and hardware. In addition, Neebal’s Flutter App Development solutions run seamlessly across multiple OS versions, so you can spend significantly less time on testing and implementation, and transform possibilities into reality.


Faster code development: Flutter enables faster and dynamic mobile app development with changes being implemented directly in the app.

Reduced repetitive testing: Reduced testing of the same app for multiple platforms along with a faster quality assurance process ensure faster deployment.

A perfect fit for MVP: Flutter is perfect for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) apps helping you create demos versions rapidly.


Reduced software bugs: As there is less code in applications developed with Flutter, there are fewer bugs.

Simplified communication: Flutter communicates with any platform without using a JavaScript bridge.

Improved performance: Flutter technology improves apps startup time, and apps built with Flutter have better performance.

Simplified integration: Flutter has an integrated rendering engine, testing, and integration APIs.

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