Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


The global cryptocurrency market size was USD 754 million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1,758 million by 2027. However, the market is still relevantly new and needs technology partners that can understand the complexities behind building a state-of-the-art platform capable of handling high volumes securely.

Pain Points

High transaction volume: Like any other trading platform, cryptocurrency platforms also need to be able to handle extremely high transaction volumes per second.

Transaction security: : All monetary transactions are extremely sensitive. Adding the complexity of cryptocurrency further intensifies the security issues.

Solution Details

Neebal tapped into this opportunity and developed a high-speed Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that can handle high volume trades per second. Getting into our doctor’s attitude, we tested the trading engine with 100,000 transactions per second. With complete API access and real-time tracking, this platform can transfer currencies for automated algorithmic trading - transforming possibilities into reality.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: It is a high-speed trading system able to handle high volume trades per second.

One step KYC: It enables complete user enrollment after using a one-step KYC with Banking and 2FA setup.

High-speed trading: The trading engine supporting FIX protocol and testing with 100,000 trades per second.

Blockchain monitoring: It provides real-time monitoring of the blockchain with support for eight coins and 15 tokens to help instant transaction processing.

Tier-based fee calculation: The platform calculates fees based on trading volumes and multiple schemes for more significant ROI to traders.

API access: It provides full API access to traders for trading and transfer of currencies for automated algorithmic trading.


Reduced verification time: The platform’s 1 Step verification process integrated during Cryptocurrency Exchange Development helped users sign up and start trading in less than 3 minutes.

Ultra-fast transactions processing: Its trade engine that supports ultra-fast transactions has provided us with a window of up to 100K transactions per second.

Faster issue resolution: The implementation of real-time logging of failed transactions on the blockchain helped tag and identify users at blazing fast speed. In addition, proactive and fully automated actions on stuck transactions reduced the volume of tickets being raised.

Improved efficiency: Compared to other platforms, real-time monitoring of the blockchain has been supported, increasing the platform’s efficiency up to 70%.

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