Market Insights


With the ever-increasing quantum of data available from multiple sources, businesses and business users are always on the lookout for interpreting and analysing it better to arrive at actionable insights. This issue further aggravates when it comes to the non-technical staff.

Pain Points

Lack of clarity: Without clear directions and guidance, users find themselves lost while processing huge volumes of data.

Difficulty processing important data: Due to lack of awareness of how to process data in a simple yet efficient manner, users spend considerable amounts of time trying to figure out the process.

Low productivity: All the additional time spent on figuring out the right data processing tools and the appropriate way to process data leads to lower productivity.

Solution Details

Analysing this issue with a doctor’s attitude, Neebal identified the essential requirements and developed a self-service market analysis portal with an input interface similar to excel and added BI capabilities. This platform was built for lesser tech-savvy users who want to input data with ease enabling them to convert possibilities into reality. The platform also provides real-time analysis to decision-makers and gives them a custom platform for forecasting business projections.


Self-service portal: A self-service market analysis portal with an excel sheet like input interface and BI capability.

User-friendly: Easy to use system helps lesser tech-savvy users to input data straight into the tool easily.

Analytics: Real-time analysis for stakeholders.


Reduced dependency: Eliminates dependency on manual data analysis performed using excel and other software.

Real-time analysis: Real-time data analysis reduces time spent on data collation and analysis.

Improved data precision: Get an accurate view of market share and size for continuous strategic alignment.

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