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A $2bn+ multinational agro-chemical company
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The inability of Real-time transactional data transfer between different platforms.


Seven different logins for multiple business processes


No single window to access the 170+ business applications and 6000 users


Neebal studied the pain points and planned out a seamless system integration flow between a Field operator mobile app and multiple disjoint systems.
Neebal implemented it via Magic XPI.which provided a high-end, cost-effective solution with a myriad of features for all levels of business users.
The change resulted in the creation of a new integrated IT environment that enabled digital transformation and the standardization and unification of processes throughout the business group, which is headquartered in India with offices in several Latin American countries, including Brazil.
System integration specialists at Neebal provided an End -to End Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution, facilitating seamless communications between critical business platforms.

The Methodology


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Problem definition

Neebal assembled a team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed.

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Testing the focus group

Based on the requirements and solutions discussed, mockups with single process flows were created. These mockups helped the client in visualising the system even before it was built. This helped those who were unaware of the workings of IT systems to give feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

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Designing the solution

The solution architect created and introduced a configurable workflow based on defined rules and conditions. This workflow was scalable to meet the client’s ever-evolving business methods.

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Launching the application

Post the client’s sign off on the workflow, the application was launched and tested for effectiveness and efficiency at client sites with a pilot run in a supervised group of 100 participants.


The Result



Rise in productivity

Single Sign On reduced the time and cost of introducing new business processes for coordination and status update by around 35%.


Man hours saved

10K man hours saved every day by the 20th day of operation.


Reduced Total Cost

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership of the organization’s EA by 40%.


Decrease in Workflow time

Decrease in Workflow time of introducing new business workflows by 30%.

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