Importance of Enterprise Apps in your Digital Transformation journey

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    The adoption of mobile applications has significantly increased over the years due to the internet and the proliferation of mobile devices. The explosion of mobile apps can be understood by a simple stat - there have been around 218 billion mobile app downloads by unique users in 2020 alone.

    Mobile applications can be classified into two types:
    Enterprise Mobile Apps - Apps used by employees of an organization.
    Consumer Apps - mobile applications specifically built and designed for customers.

    While enterprise mobile apps enable organisations to simplify employee-centric processes, consumer apps aim to provide unique solutions for existing consumer problems.

    Here are the advantages of customised enterprise applications that businesses develop for their employees:

    Enterprise apps boost productivity

    According to numerous surveys which were conducted in the past few years, it was found that mobile apps helped to increase employee productivity by more than 35%. Enterprise mobile applications can be customised for a business to provide more value to employees by automating regular tasks, eliminating the boredom of doing those repetitive tasks, resulting in improved overall productivity.

    They save time

    Enterprise apps can help in saving valuable time your employees take to retrieve a report or data. For instance, it could be a little tedious and time consuming for employees in the sales department to submit a report at the end of the day by counting every sale they make on that specific day. Instead, it is far more convenient to use an enterprise application with the option to automatically produce a report in just 2-3 clicks. It makes the process of reporting, invoicing and other such operations extremely time-efficient.

    Enterprise apps provide enhanced Security

    One of the main reasons to invest in the development of the Enterprise App is the fact that they can provide additional security. Enterprise applications ensure that organizations data is stored safely and securely with the help of technologies like AI and Blockchain.

    Increase in employee engagement

    Statistics show that more than 60% of employees check their email and daily schedule on their mobile phones. Enterprise application facilitates mobility by placing your office within your hands.

    Significant cost reduction

    Incorporating multiple technologies to address different types of operations within an organisation, would need too many systems. This would essentially translate to additional integration and maintenance costs. Developing a single enterprise application that can be used by all the departments will prove to be more cost- and management-effective. Furthermore, organizations can save even more with enterprise apps as all storage would be cloud-based.

    Organisations across the globe are currently utilising or planning on using enterprise apps in the near future. Now Enterprise apps are not just a choice but as an essential element in an organisation’s digital transformation journey. Neebal has been developing and implementing customised Enterprise Mobility Solutions using Flutter for multiple organisations, including several Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. We ensure mobility apps are synchronized throughout the architecture of the organization to provide uniform communication and standard user experience across all channels.

    About Neebal:

    Neebal, a technology solutions provider, has delivered top of the line solutions across Agro, Pharma, and BFSI verticals. Neebal aims to provide top tier services for API Integration, RPA, and advanced mobility with prime focus on Hyperautomation. Founded in 2010, Neebal is a proud recipient of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award (APAC) and the Deloitte Fast 50 Award (India) for four consecutive years (2017-20).

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