Why should SMEs consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?

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    With smartphones getting smarter with each passing day, organisations are now on a constant lookout for solutions that can facilitate process automation through mobile apps. This is exactly where Flutter comes in. Flutter enables SMEs to implement faster and more productive Mobile App Development. Keep reading to know how and why. 

    What is Flutter?

    Necessity is the mother of invention, and so is Flutter. It is the solution to a long-ailing problem for app developers. Before Flutter, designers designed and coded apps in two different versions -one for App Store and Play Market each. And if the application didn’t function properly, it meant rectifying both the codes and ensuring that the UI was slick and standard across all screen sizes and the latest OS version.

    Enter Flutter! It was launched for catering to cross-platform application development and eliminating the effort of code duplication. To put it in layman’s terms, with the help of Flutter, a designer can create an app with the same code that works for both the App Store as well as the Play Market versions.

    The ‘Dart Side’ of Flutter

    Welcome to the Dart side of Flutter! The programming language used in Flutter is called Dart, a language created in 2009 that assists Google to build apps for desktops, servers, web, and most importantly mobiles. Here’s why enterprises should consider Flutter for Mobile App Development:

    1. Cross-Platform Environment:

    Flutter can be used to develop and design apps on almost any machine. Even if it’s a mobile, Flutter requests a blank window from the device. Once done, Flutter renders all constituents of the UI that are painted by the tool kit as well. This by default means that the developer won’t need two separate codes for making the app for the Play Market & App Store. Flutter provides developers with the flexibility that they desire to create cross-platform apps that support all kinds of smartphones.

    1. Lightning-Speed Code Writing:

    For developers, online Flutter app development comes with a tagline of being the most dynamic platform for seamless mobile app development. Given how hot the platform is with developers, there is a term called hot reload – that does exactly what the name suggests. It allows developers to fix bugs, add features and do all kinds of experimental things within (milli) seconds!

    1. Intuitive User Experience:

    Flutter eases designers’ load and simplifies widget creation/ customization according to their specific needs and requirements.

    1. Build It Like Lego:

    For a designer, using Flutter for mobile app development is as easy as putting together Lego blocks. To design an app using Flutter all the designer needs to do is plug customized widgets together and create it the way they want it to function and look.

    1. New Device, Same UI:

    If you are a person who likes consistency, Flutter is just the technology for you. Many brands want to stick to their roots and don’t prefer changing the UI of their app according to new device upgrades. Flutter allows developers to do just that, with no additional costs for supporting older devices.


    Flutter has become a powerful framework that just can’t be ignored by developers anymore. Within no time it has proved itself as a very useful technology. Organisations of all sizes, including SMEs, should use Flutter for speedy, efficient, and productive Mobile App Development. 

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