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Over 200 websites, publications, magazines publishing new regulations in the pharma industry every day
Monitoring them is currently a manual process which leads to wastage of time as well as human errors
Minor changes can also lead to major hurdles for current drugs as well as those in R&D phase for any pharma company
Non-compliance lead to massive losses and penalties for the organization


Neebal leveraged power of business process Automation which digitized the process of monitoring all the websites and identified the changes in regulation and displayed only those for human intervention

Neebal’s solution provided a unified interface to extract, transform, and store data from multiple publicly verifiable and private knowledge repositories with authorized access

The Methodology

Problem definition

Problem definition

Neebal assembled a team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed. The team researched multiple options to implement business process automation for 30 days.

Testing focus group

Testing the focus group

Based on the requirements and solutions discussed, mockups with single process flows were created. These mockups helped the client in visualizing the business process automation even before it was built. This helped those who were unaware of the workings of IT systems to give feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Designing the solution

Designing the solution

The solution architect created and introduced a configurable workflow based on defined rules and conditions. This business process automation based on Solution was scalable to meet the client’s ever-evolving business methods.

Application Launch

Launching the application

Post the client’s sign off on the workflow, the solution was launched based on business process automation and tested for effectiveness and efficiency at client sites with a pilot run in a supervised group of 100 participants.

The Result


Saved 40+ Hours

Saves over 40+ man hours/day in scouting and scraping through all the websites


Reduction in Manual Error

Reduces manual error by 99%

Real-time Data

Readily available data to all stakeholders in real-time enables quick decision making and course corrections if needed

Key Information Availability

Key information available to sales and marketing team at start of each day

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