eCapEx Management


As per Gartner’s PR report, organisational spending has picked up significantly in 2021. Experts project worldwide IT spending to increase by 6.2%, compounding to a total of US $3.9 trillion. This only means that your capital expenditure (CapEx) worries are here to stay. Neebal’s doctor’s attitude led to the discovery of problems inherent in the traditional CapEx management processes.

Pain Points

Constant upgrades: Loss of potential business due to delays in CapEx approvals.

Intermittent delays: Inconvenient tracking and multiple follow-ups across departments and locations due to inconsistent operations management.

Compliance: Tedious manual CapEx approval processes due to multi-department involvement.

Inconsistent output: Absence of a system to set timelines and track CapEx creation.

Solution Details

eCapEx Management Platform is an innovative solution that leverages process automation to simplify and streamline the approval processes involved in CapEx management. The platform truly transforms CapeEx management possibilities into reality by enabling organisations to plan, budget and execute CapEx projects and empowers key stakeholders to review expenditure in sequential order. The platform streamlines your entire CapEx management and provides significant time and cost savings.


Web-based platform: An embedded approval system and electronic routing precisely aligned with your organisation’s policies.

Simple to use: It is easy to configure as you add tasks and modify conditions as per your business processes.

Enhanced security: The platform enables only authorised users to create, track and search capital expenditure related tasks.

Improved productivity: Our eCapEx Management Platform eliminates human-induced errors resulting in faster approvals and overall improved efficiency.


Simplified tracking: Track each departmental decision made available to make informed decisions.

Faster CapEx approvals: Our solution enables you to facilitate faster CapEx approvals ensuring fast business growth.

Any place, any device accessibility: Availability of CapEx approvals on mobile and iPad, enabling ease of use and flexibility.

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