Field Express


Neebal applied its doctor’s attitude to the problems faced by Agrochemical companies and figured out that lack of transparency on stock updates and inability to access information on the go hampered the field force’s productivity.

Pain Points

Lack of transparency: Companies did not have complete transparency on real-time stock updates.

Communication gap: Marketing teams were not able to send customised content to targeted audience.

Solutions Details

Neebal developed Field Express - an application for the field force (officers, territory and zonal managers) that allows them to log all their activities and view the overall targets. This enabled companies to transform possibilities to reality by allowing managers to assign tasks to the field force and have an overview report of all their activities.


Marketing support: The Field Express enables digital marketing teams to push targeted content.

Real-time updates: The analytical engine of the platform allowed managers and regional heads to receive real-time updates on their business dashboards along with predictive analysis on sales trends.

Intelligent predictions: The barcode-based inventory management module was used to capture secondary sales and predict repurchase levels.


Increase ROI: Massive improvement in sales resulting in better ROI.

Cost-effective: Reduced marketing, content distribution and attrition costs.

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