The agrochemical industry has always been conducting significant fertiliser research and development in order to provide products that improve crop production in the most effective and sustainable manner. At Neebal, we enable them to simplify subsidy claims, make agriculture more efficient, productive, and sustainable with the help of Hyperautomation.

Industry pain points

Subsidy claims: Ensuring transparency across product sales for claiming subsidies from the government.

Farmer engagement: Achieving mutually rewarding farmer engagement and dealer management.

Managing dealers: Identifying high and low-density sales points to manage its dealers/distributors.

Compliance: Regulating production as per national and international laws increased the overall cost.

Neebal’s expertise

Neebal develops unique solutions that enable agrochemical companies streamline operations and address pressing issues. Our solutions have assisted in systemizing product development, improving decision-making speed and effectiveness, thus enabling significant savings in operational expenses.

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